From Field To Fork

From field to fork. This alliterative phrase is a simple but accurate way of describing the journey the food we eat takes from its production, into our mouths. more ..

Apple Update IOS 7.1

Apple Update IOS 7.1 Steven Jobs reaches out from the grave and continues to rule our lives. His disciples continue on with his legacy of controlling our lives with the omnipresent IPhone... more ..

“When pigs fly!”

That statement is an adynaton, a figure of speech so exaggerated it describes impossibility. We all know pigs can’t fly… more ..

100 Years of Fenway Park…

April the 13th of 1912 was the date of the opening of what many consider to be the crown jewel of Major League Baseball, Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox. more ..


Value - the dictionary defines value as relative worth or importance, monetary or material worth. Our regular customers define it as what you get at Bobby Byrne's Pubs everyday. more ..

All The Comforts Of Home

Food prepared traditionally that may have nostalgic or sentimental value more ..

“You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Bowl…”

In my last guest blog I talked about how we try to make our good items great... more ..

What Drives Menu Change?

In an earlier blog we discussed the technical analysis of our food and beverage sales which we call “Menu Engineering”.... more ..

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

This amazing short story by Earnest Hemmingway, first published in 1926, is a lightning-fast, brutal left hook to the ribs which power is realized only after struggling up from the canvas... more ..

Show Business

In 1951, the year in which I graduated from Taunton High School, I left my hometown like Jack Whittington who went to London to seek his fortune, but I set my sights on Miami, Florida which I viewed as a sunny, warm, romantic paradise with pristine beaches, pastel buildings, sun bronzed goddesses, exotic vegetation, and limitless opportunities for an eager, talented, competent boy like me. more ..

Crossing the Bar

In thinking about the experience of tending bar for many years in many places, I did come to a point when I was obliged by myself to find some meaning in what I was doing in my work and also what the customers were doing in their play. I needed to find some salient meaning in the connection that we had for each other and figure out why the bar was such an attractive social construct. more ..

The Man Who Wouldn’t Fall to Earth

In February of 1955 I ran out of money more ..

Guest Blog - Jim O’Shea

While Bobby Byrne is recovering from his recent surgery I've been asked to Guest Blog for him. For all concerned he's recovering nicely and feeling great. One of the things I am asked all the time by customers is "What ever happened to my favorite menu item?" "Where did the Baked Stuffed Chicken go?" more ..

An Accidental Gentleman

In 1967, in New York City, I tended bar at a place on 52nd St. and 2nd Avenue called Lembo's, which was run by the notorious former girlfriend of George Reeves (a.k.a. Superman) This place was commonly patronized by unusual NYC characters more ..

Outside Our Door

Something there is that doesn't love a tree..... more ..

“Why should the devil ....?”

Around 1966 when I was a bartender for Sean and Peggy Doyle on 89th and 2nd Ave. at the White Horse Inn in New York City, they had a motto for this pub, "He who drinks water, thinks water." Inasmuch as they were opening another pub downtown on Lafayette Street across from the Criminal Court they asked to come up with another motto for this new place called Doyle's Corner Pub. more ..

The P.J. Factor

Every philosopher, mathematician, scientist, historian, leader or artificer like myself, must start with and embrace first principles as to how they are to execute their individual vision. It is necessary to ask yourself what are you going to do and how can you do it? What is it that you want to create? What will it be like and what is its essence, its nature, its identity and how will it differ from other entities within its genre? more ..

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